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Workshops leading you through the creative process for writing and performance, facilitated by Terrie Silverman.

If the story is in you, it has got to come out.
--William Faulkner

Do you have a story tugging at you? Do you have an idea or a dream project you don't know how to start?

Play. Experiment. Excavate. Gather. Assemble. These are the steps you will be led through in my workshops. You will come out with new work that expresses something deep within. All you need is to be willing. You'll receive support, guidance, a sense of community, and a way to tap into your creative instincts. Let your imagination surprise you.

Workshops offered:

Truth, Lies & Memory:
Creating the one-person show top

We are born storytellers, but often we dismiss our experiences as being dull or unworthy because we are so familiar with them. Stories emerge if you are open to recognize them. Everything that happens to you is potential material, from both the minutiae of your daily life to the epic moments. It's all truth, lies and memories.

Whether you're developing an autobiographical, multi-character, or biographical solo play, this workshop will guide you. Through music, movement, drawing and improvisation allows the writing and performing to be organic. Discover a way into your story. If you're further along, you'll continue to develop or complete your one-person show. The workshop culminates in a work-in-progress performance.

Past students have been featured in theatre festivals in California and across the country, including Ann Randolph, whose one-woman show, Squeezebox, was voted best solo show by the Ovation Awards and the L.A. Weekly.

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Life Stories Workshop top

A writing workshop designed to explore personal expression through spontaneous writing exercises, music, movement and drawing, will create the freedom to write intuitively. In a supportive, safe environment, you will craft your piece for a work-in-progress performance. All levels welcome.
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Play top

Do you find it difficult to make time for yourself? Do you say, "But I'm not creative" or "I've got creative burnout"? Would you like a release from the pressure to produce? Here's a way to rejuvenate yourself. This is for business people, artists, teachers, writers, parents or anyone wanting to reconnect with their intuitive, playful self. In a safe, supportive space, you will be led through creativity exercises that allow you to be surprised by your imagination and tap into the goldmine of humor in your daily life.
Workshop schedule

Art Treat top

In your home or office, gather a group to write, draw and play. Terrie will spend a few hours helping you nurture your creative spirit through spontaneous writing exercises as well as drawing, music and movement. All levels welcome, whether you're looking to spark an idea or story, or desire an outlet for personal expression.

Schedule top

Life Stories and Creating the One-Person Show: 5 & 10-week sessions, meeting once a week. Small class sizes, includes a works-in-progress reading/performance. $200/400.

Play!: 5-week session, meeting once a week. Small class size. $200

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

West L.A.
7-9:30 pm


Life Stories/ One-Person Show
West L.A.

Life Stories/ One-Person Show


Life Stories/ One-Person Show

Life Stories/ One-Person Show

West L.A.: 9911W. Pico Blvd, Ste. 500 (Century Park East/Roxbury ) [map]

Venice: Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center
681 Venice Blvd. (1/2 mile west of Lincoln) [map]

Los Angeles, Pasadena: Address/directions will be provided when you sign up.


Terrie Silverman
email: terrie [at] creativerites [dot] com

P.O. Box 35404
Los Angeles, CA 90035-0404

About Terrie Silverman top

Terrie Silverman, MFA, is a solo performer, poet and playwright. Her work has been presented at various theaters and arts festivals in Southern California, including The HBO Workspace, KPFK Radio, The World Arts and Cultures Department at UCLA, Beyond Baroque, Los Angeles Theater Center, Highways, the Azatlan Center for International Women's Day and The Edge of the World Theater Festival.

Some of her career highlights include working with The Bread and Puppet Theater, as well as dying onstage with Sir Ian McKellan.

She has studied with Hubert Selby Jr., Paul Zindel, Simone Forti, Tim Miller, José Rivera, Noel Riley-Fitch, John Rechy, Karen Finley, Holly Prado, and David L. Ulin.

She is an Artist-in-Residence at Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center.

Testimonials top

Here's what they're saying:

"No one is doing what you are doing. Every Saturday I wake up with a sense of excitement because of all that your class and presence means to me.... I feel I am finally starting to have a voice."

"Terrie loves new writing into existence."

"I have gotten full permission to find my voice and develop my muscles as a writer in a very supportive, helpful, non-threatening environment. ...Terrie gives insightful, valuable feedback and encourages each individual to dig and pursue what is unique about them."

"The workshop supports my writing process...and is my writing home."

"I've gotten a sense of increased confidence and a sense of structure for my goals. Every time I get feedback I am properly redirected toward my interests and passion as a writer."

"I've learned how to deal with frustration--how to get past it, how to get through it. I've gotten pages and pages and pages of new writing."

"I've gotten a sense of unconditional support, invitation to explore, sense of myself as a human, woman, and writer."


Creating the One-person Show

Life Stories Workshops


Art Treat

About Terrie Silverman




At certain key moments in this life, you must find courage in yourself, in order to move forward... It is like a muscle and it must be exercised, first a little, and then more and more. All the really exciting things possible... require a little more courage than we currently have. A deep breath and a leap.
--John Patrick Shanley

There are no mistakes. What happens during the process of making something is sacred and organic.
--Vicki Noble

You must do the thing you think you cannot do.
--Eleanor Roosevelt

One of the oddest things in life, I think, is the things one remembers.
--Agatha Christie